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Our story

We have been breeding and training dogs since 1983. During all this time there were many males and bitches of various breeds who became our devoted companions - German Shepherds - the bitch called Betty Prok-Lad (ZVV 2, ZZP-2) was one of the most significant for us. Her father was at that time the legendary Vait z Matouskovy zahrady,


from this bitch we kept a male AX ze Zkamenele svatby (our former kennel name) (ZVV-3, IPO-2).

We had also two Dobermans and after them our choice went to Belgian Shephers-Malinois who truly touched our heart. Firstly, we would like to mention our own-bred bitch Engie Efebie CS. Her father Bain Alke was the most successful dog in the Czech republic. Her mother was Minet Isell’s, import Denmark, who achieved many great results in the show ring.


Secondly, we would like to mention our male Krumme Lokengarden’s , import Denmark. He managed to defeat three Czech champions and win his BOB title. His father was s.r. Int.Ch. Dereck de la Therre Aimee.


Our modest beginnings:



A new bitch joined our family in 2014- the Border Collie Engie (without pedigree). We fell in love with her for her temperament and keenness in her work. The following year we brought home a six months old male Say on Bohemia Alke (Semi). This dog is being not only very successful in the show ring but also in the working field. Just before the summer 2016 we have imported a good quality bitch called Donna of Dragon’s Dream.


In 1985 the German Shepherd’s kennel ze Zkamenele svatby CS was registered. Three bitches took part of the breeding with 5 litters in total. In 1992 the kennel Efebie was established where six litters of BOM (Malinois) were produced. The kennel name Czech Efebie became internationally protected name in 1996.


My husband was a breeding adviser for BOM between 1991 and 1994. Responsible breeding and good quality dogs are our biggest priorities.

From 2015 we are focusing on border colie ...