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SAY ON Bohemia Alké "SEMI"

SAY ON Bohemia Alké

Recommended for breeding.

* 9.3.2015

F: John Lennon Tennant
M: My Jackie Bohemia Alké
Breeder: Alexandra Grygarová


OFA:   Excellent A/A  (105/105)

ED:  0 / 0

OCD:   - / -

CEA: Not affected (testing)

DNA MDR1:  Negative for parents (Tested both)

DNA NCL: Negative for parents

DNA TNS: Negative for parents

Hereditary eye defects: all negative (2017, 2019)



Dog can be used 5 times for mating,
it will then be withdrawn from the breed.



Třída Titul Druh výstavy a místo Datum
Open cl. Ex3 ISD České Budějovice 6.10.18
Open cl. Ex1, WOC, Regional winner Regional show Brno 9.9.18
Open cl. Ex2, res. CAC National show Olomouc 1.9.18
Open cl. Ex1,WOC, Regional winer Regional show Vyškov 28.4.18
Open cl. Ex.3 / Ex.3 DUO CACIB Brno 3/4.2.18
Open cl. Ex.1, CAC XIII. Hanácká National show Brno 13.1.18
Open cl. Ex Special show BCCCZ Zbraslav 3.9.17
Open cl.

Ex1, WOC, Regional winer

Regional shows Brno 27.8.17
Open cl. Ex1, WOC, CAC Club shows Mikulov 19.8.17
Open cl. Ex3 Intercanis Brno 24.6.17
Open cl. Ex1, WOC Regional shows Vyškov 15.4.17
Intermed. cl. Ex2, res. CAC DUO CACIB Brno 5.2.17
Intermed. cl. Ex1, CAC XII. Hanácká National shows Brno 7.1.17
Yunge cl. Ex1,CAJC, BOJ


Cruft qualifikation 2017

Yuge cl. Ex2 XI. Hanácká National show Brno 9.1.16
Puppy cl. 2x VP1 Club shows Svojanov 11,12.9.15


SAY ON Bohemia Alké pedigree


Character: Say On is a very lively and active dog with good temperament, is a very contacting and friendly dog, likes physical contact, loves agility, enjoys biting, has a great nose to smell. Occasionally, to unwind, you can jump to dogdancing or "nudge" pullery, instead of sheep grazing has treibball ...

Work: Dog show, agility, sport cynology
Although it is a dog from an exterior line, in 15 months he passed the ZOP exam. At 11 months, he earned his qualification for Cruft.

Covers under favorable conditions, the cover fee is determined individually.
Of course there is overlap girls free. Can sleep for coverage.









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